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Growing strawberries and DTC TikTok accounts with Jessie Jacobson (@growithjessie)

Episode Summary

After teaching strangers how to grow fruits and vegetables on TikTok, Jessie now focuses on helping DTC brands build a sustainable following on the app. Here's her story...

Episode Notes

Welcome to week 25. One of my favourite things about the rise of TikTok is the fact that there’s a community for anyone. Booktok, Wicktok, Runtok. It creates a massive opportunity for brands to partner with creators to run their accounts. I wanted to learn more about what that would look like which is why...

This week I’m talking to Jessie Jacobson aka @growithjessie. In under 18 months, Jessie has grown her TikTok account to over 900k followers by showing people how to germinate fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect balance of education and entertainment. After seeing some success, she realized there was a bigger opportunity. Jessie started running TikTok accounts for really exciting consumer brands like Homesick and RunGum. Recently, she has turned her expertise into a consulting business helping other consumer brands build a sustainable presence on TikTok. Oh and one last thing, she just launched a course with the help of Maven.

So, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s my conversation with Jessie Jacobson.