Creator Culture

How one creator changed Schwarzkopf Professional's reputation for the better with Sonya Latreille Jeans

Episode Summary

Sonya's impact at Schwarzkopf Professional is palpable. Part of her success came from building deep relationships with some of the most prolific hairdressers. Their influence and Sonya's vision helped to change the brand's reputation for the better.

Episode Notes

Welcome to week 24. Every day we’re influenced by someone or something. It might be by our friends, a creator online or even the weather. No matter the environment or industry, creators are all around us. But, they don’t all look like the typical YouTube or TikTok creator. I wanted to learn more about how B2B brands work with creators which is why...

This week I’m talking to Sonya Latreille Jeans. Sonya is the director of digital and influencer marketing for Schwarzkopf Professional, a Henkel professional haircare brand. In 2017, she built the influencer strategy for the brand and never looked back. It’s not unrealistic to say that the hairstylists Sonya built relationships with helped to rejuvenate Schwarzkopf in the years that followed. What I enjoyed most about this chat was learning how Sonya and her team look to support creators beyond the contractual agreement.  

So, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s my conversation with Sonya Latreille Jeans.