Creator Culture

S2E10 | The future of creator merch w/ Chris Vaccarino (CEO, Fanjoy)

Episode Summary

Ever thought of buying merch from your favourite creators? Well, let me introduce Chris Vaccarino. There's a good chance he and his team at Fanjoy are the ones making it happen!

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Fanjoy's CEO and founder, Chris Vaccarino. Chris and his team power the merch operations of many incredible creators. Fanjoy makes it super easy to create quality merch as a creator of any size. Fanjoy recently released Sykkuno's merch line which was a massive hit with fans. It’s wild to see how Chris has evolved Fanjoy from a VIP merch company for artists to one of the biggest creator merch operations in the world.


As always, before we get to the episode, here are three things about Chris that you should know  

1) Chris was a theatre growing up and it makes sense when you hear how passionate he is for the creator side of things

2) He's starting to work with people outside of the creator space which is an exciting step for the company to take

3) Chris wants to leave a legacy alongside the creators he works with


And with that, let’s get to the good stuff! Here’s my conversation with Chris Vaccarino.