Creator Culture

S3 E2 | Neemanaz, the creator looking to build a comedy empire

Episode Summary

Some creators are content with viral videos. Other creators, like Neemanaz, are looking to build something much bigger than TikTok fame.

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Neema Nazeri, or as you might know him on socials, NeemaNaz. He’s a Canadian comedian with the spirit of a creator and has the vision of a founder. If you spend a few minutes on his TikTok or YouTube, you’ll find a mix of impersonations (Like GaryVee and Gordon Ramsey), skits and a late-night show. It might seem like he’s blown up, but according to Neema, this is only the first act.

As always, before we get to the episode, here are three things about Neema that you should know  

  1. Neema keeps a tight circle with the help of his manager, who’s also his brother
  2. Beyond comedy, he loves dancing, singing and acting. You might’ve seen him in Amazon Prime's show, The Boys
  3. Neema’s focused on building a media empire, not just a following on social media

Enjoy the conversation with Neema Nazeri and check him out on all socials:

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and don't forget his live comedy tour!