Creator Culture

S3 E3 | Danny Miranda, the creator setting a new podcasting standard

Episode Summary

Some of the greatest creators create for their younger or future self. For Danny Miranda, it's about creating for his future self and becoming the greatest podcaster on this planet. He's well on his way!

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Danny Miranda. He’s the host and creator of The Danny Miranda Podcast, a top 1% podcast in the world. It's energizing to learn how big his vision is for the podcast and how much work he puts into becoming the best. There's a story about how Lebron invests millions back into his body. Danny is on the same wavelength. He's focused on getting 1% better every day. I’ll say it now: Danny will be the biggest podcaster in a couple of years.

As always, before we get to the episode, here are three things about Danny that you should know  

  1. Danny has recorded over 250 episodes with massive personalities like Gary Vaynerchuck, Rory Sutherland etc. 
  2. In the past month, his podcast clips have received over 5M views on social media
  3. Danny’s been creating for years in different formats. In 2013 he ran a successful New York Knicks blog

You can find Danny on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and of course Spotify