Creator Culture

What happens when your family becomes your brand with Adrianne Betz (Founder of Little Adi & Co.)

Episode Summary

When life took a sudden turn, Adrianne found herself inspired to start something of her own. Enter Little Adi & Co.

Episode Notes

Welcome to week 23. The term influencer or creator might be new but the act of creating goes back to the beginning of mankind. What’s beautiful is that no two creators are the same yet there’s a common desire for self-expression. As a form of self-expression, I’ve always been fascinated by fashion which is why...

This week I’m talking to Adrianne Betz. Adrianne is the founder & CEO of a children’s clothing brand called Little Adi & Co. Her journey as a creator started with the birth of her first son. As her business grew, so did her family. Soon enough, her customers and fellow entrepreneurs wanted to learn more about how she managed to be a mom, founder and creator. Since there was a demand for her personal life, Adrianne started a blog and devoted her Instagram account, @little_adi_co, to highlighting her family. I’m blown away by how she manages it all.

So, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s my conversation with Adrianne Betz.