Creator Culture

Raising a farm-ily and building a legacy with Maddie Johnson (@livingwithpickles)

Episode Summary

At the intersection of creativity and animal rescue, you'll find Maddie Johnson - a creator that has built a wonderful farm-ily that brings hope and happiness to the lives of many.

Episode Notes

Welcome to week 21. One of the reasons we follow the same creators is because of their journey. Seeing them grow up, celebrate milestones and facing challenges. They’re all parts of life that we can relate to. But, sometimes, we are more interested in their pets which is why…

This week I’m chatting with Maddie Johnson. Maddie is a mission-driven creator who runs the Instagram account livingwithpickles where she documents what it’s like to care for and live with a house full of animals. To Maddie, her Farmily, as she calls it, has become her job. To her community, the account has become a place of hope and happiness. Look beyond social media and you’ll find that she’s published a children’s book, set up an Airbnb experience at her home, built a community of animal lovers on Patreon and helps foster animals find the right homes. Her story is far from over. I wouldn’t be surprised if Maddie got her own TV show one of these days.

So, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s my conversation with Maddie Johnson.